Airplane Exercises

Airplane Exercises Along the Way #2 - Bend and Stretch Onboard I’m tall.  5’9” to be exact.  Flying beyond 2 hours on an airplane can be slightly uncomfortable for me, as it may be for you.   To make any flight more enjoyable, it helps to get out of...

JS Fitness Trampoline Review

JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Review, by Mollie Zapata   See the link to her work out and review here, & Happy Bouncing:

DIY-SnowFlake Craft ACBrown-12.12_7

Quick and Easy Snowflake Craft

Snow may not be falling from the sky where you live but with this craft you can make it a white winter regardless of the weather! 1. Cut a piece of white construction paper to make a square (4” to 9” squares work well)             2. Fold opposite points...